May I Introduce...

So. Where to begin.
I've recently (within the past six months) discovered the thriving blogosphere. It swiftly became an addiction. I have loved reading the thoughts and inspirations of creative people living interesting lives. And my wallet bemoans the fact that I have loved finding new ways to spend my money, courtesy of the fashion and design bloggers. Thus...the creation of my own blog was perhaps inevitable. I've always enjoyed expressing myself via the written word. Whether or not others will enjoy reading what I have to say is another question altogether!

As for me, I'm Blythe, a 21-year-old art history major...you may be hearing more about that and my future plans. Within this blog, I propose to discuss a variety of things which get me going: travel, design, art, fashion, and literature being a few examples. A typical post may be a discussion of a book I am reading, a pair of shoes I am dying to buy, or a review of a museum exhibition. Variety is, after all, the spice of life. I will enjoy reading your comments, suggestions, and points of view, and hope the feeling will be mutual.

La vie en rose...looking at life through rose-colored glasses. Sounds nice, right? Welcome to my vie en rose, where you can read about things that tickle me pink: art, design, fashion, literature and more.



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