Bernard Maisner, master of the quill

 I just happened upon this documentary focused on my all-time favorite calligrapher, Mr. Bernard Maisner. He has truly turned penmanship into an art form. This video of him doing what he does best gave me the shivers! If money were no object, he would have been the first person I called when beginning to plan my wedding.

Calligraphed in 2002 as a sample for Abby Clawson Low

Feast your eyes (and prick up your ears - that's Chopin!):

Seamless Media (Parsons / LVMH) from Adam Scher on Vimeo.

Aside from his not insignificant skills at calligraphy, he has also lectured and taught extensively on medieval mansuscript illumination and the history of typography, at a few places you might have heard of - the Cloisters, the Morgan Library, the Getty and the Metropolitan Museum of Art among others.

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Mr. Maisner's delectable Rorschach place cards: