If Wishes Were Horses...

then beggars would ride. And all of my worries would be gone. And some of these things would be under the tree come Christmas day:

A collage by Aja Robb (this or this)

Iosselliani ring, via style a work in progress

Maria Kalman's Principles of Uncertainty

Libretto Tray, by John Derian

A black chapeau by BoringSidney

Felt flowers placemats by Gabrielle Lewin

This Is For You, by Rob Ryan

Neighborhood Ring by J.Davis.Studio

John Currin monograph (or, a less expensive version)

And I Built a Dream by Shawn Stucky

Orla Kiely Wellies

Jonathan Adler Utopia Birdcage Jar

I am terribly sorry about the dearth of posts/responses to comments. I do appreciate each and every one of you readers. I'm stressed out about a lot of things and blogging is the last thing on my mind.


Bing Bang Crackle Clutch (say that six times fast!)

Oh please, Santa...I may not need this artsy yet refined little handbag, (at least not like I need a pair of chic yet practical winter shoes), but I really want it, and it's 50 percent off - how can you deny me the ownership of this bag of contradictions?

Sigh. At least I tried.

Yes, more calendars...

I know that everyone has been (rightly) going ga-ga over all of the amazing calendars coming out for 2008. (See decor8 and poppytalk for two great examples). I've been avoiding posting about them for that reason - there has been such good coverage by other bloggers! However, two of my favorites don't seem to have come up much in the blogosphere.

One is by Rachel Bone, of Red Prairie Press. I've been transfixed by her artwork since seeing this lyrical watercolor of hers, The Harbingers, on poppytalk, so I was very happy to see (thanks to Bloesem) that she has come out with a calendar for 2008.

The Dolphin Studios calendar is produced by the Ffrench family. They have been doing this, in collaboration, for decades. What a wonderful project! Each family member, grandchildren included, gets to design their own month according to their birth date. Each month is thus unique in style and simply gorgeous to boot.