because everyone loves a sale....

How about a sumptuous silk robe? Imagine yourself curled in a leather wingback chair riddled with craquelure beside a roaring fire, channeling your inner Lady Ottoline Morrell. I know I am. This beauty is marked down from £265 to £143.10. This rounds up to about $230 ... about $200 more than I can afford at the moment, but not everyone is a penniless student, so go wild!

On the more financially palatable front, Flora Douville's luscious watercolor calendars are now $12. What are you waiting for?

If you can click on this link and not find the (admittedly coy) J. Peterman verbiage absolutely irresistible ... well, I admire your willpower. Half off...and this gentleman will be jealous. No mean feat, that. And the gloves aren't half bad either. Did I mention that's a silk lining you see peeking out under there? Magenta silk. Yup.

[please click the gold bar below the gentleman's portrait to zoom in. you won't be sorry.]


Anonymous canvas art prints said...

I think we all need a silk robe!

October 11, 2012 at 5:17 AM  

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