Musée des Arts décoratifs

So ... aquamaniles are always fantastic but I loved this one.

Gorgeous intarsia panels...nothing beats the Gubbio Studio, but these were pretty great.

Amazing, amazing cabinet filled with row after row of little knicknacks and doodads - perfume flacons, tiny figurines, compacts, and lighters all lined up like toy soldiers.

Bon appétit!

I heart this chair (oh lord did I really just write that?).

The most amazing little traveling tea set! For a very chic pique-nique indeed.

An elegant Parisian drawing room circa 1790.

I wanted to take this Empire tea set home.

Giacometti hardware for doors and drawers (wretched photo, sorry).


Honestly, my favorite part of the whole museum was the view out of its quirky little windows...the Tuileries, the rue de Rivoli, the Tour Eiffel... well, you really couldn't go wrong.

More tomorrow...I am nodding over the keyboard (this seems to be a common theme lately). I can only blame the murky photos on the fact that flash photography was verboten.

ETA: And tack on about 9 hours to the timer below, because it is actually more like 1 a.m. - I am not ancient or indolent!


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