10 Things I Loved About Paris Today

Computers really suck sometimes. And I'm bone tired. But still - I'm in Paris, I can't complain! Now on to the good stuff.

1. My perfectly French breakfast of tea and tartine at a sidewalk cafe on the rue Daguerre. Sorry, no pictures! Because I am still bashful about taking photos of my food in public (unlike some).

2. Meeting an old old friend with the sense that nothing had changed -- even though we hadn't seen each other since I was a wee high school student. We just picked up right where we left off. And lunch near the Panthéon was yum.

3. Despite the rainy day, a plucky blue patch of sky still peeked through. A few gratuitous Seine pics ahead - because, well, you can never have too many of those. It was raining when I took these, on the Pont St. Michel (you can see the Conciergerie to the left).

4. I got my reader's card at the BnF, which was about a hundred times easier than I had expected, no red tape in sight. Just loads of marble and a marvelous tiny bookshop, where I picked up these two lovelies on sale:

5. I left the library, worn out (not even having done any research or looked at any prints...I'm telling you, this registration business is life-sucking), and sat in the park across the street...London may have the most parks but Paris has its fair share of lovely bits of green.

6. I then stumbled over to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (the BnF is just north of the Palais Royal so it's just a bit further south to the Louvre). They were closing in a demi-heure,
so I just took refuge in the gift shop which was design heaven. Don't mind the gross window reflections...

7. Speaking of reflections -- this window in one of the antique shops near the Louvre killed me. It's hard to tell from the picture but this vignette is made entirely of sea shells...pure whimsy. Um, don't mind the umbrella...

8. So I finally went back to my favorite bookstore in the world (so far). Seriously. Have you ever been to a store where it seems like all of the inventory was chosen with you in mind? Well that's how I feel about Galignani. And today their windows were done up in an 18th century/revolution/Napoleon theme which just proves it. Also, they have Persephone books...this alone is reason for a visit.

9. I always come out of Galignani with a mile-long wishlist. Not sure how this is a good thing...it just is!

10. The best reason to go to Galignani, besides Galignani itself, is because it is next door to Angelina, where you too can taste their Chocolat African hot chocolate (pure heaven). I had a Coupe Mont Blanc, which is basically their famous Mont Blanc dessert in ice cream and now I can go to sleep with sugared chestnuts dancing in my dreams...wait, that's not quite it...


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