Fancy a cuppa?

I've recently become obsessed with teapots. Yes, teapots. It all started on that fated day at the Sandwich flea market when I discovered a tiny, perfect little yellow teapot embellished with golden daisies. Since then I've been like a woman possessed. Well, that's an exaggeration maybe, but let's just say I spend a lot of time browsing for "vintage teapot" and its variants on ebay.

And Grace's recent teapot roundup only fanned the flames. Speaking of which, if anyone wants to spend a ridiculous amount of money on me I would love you forever if you got me an Tea Set by Christine Misiak. Ahem.

What I mean to say is...the good thing about being obsessed with something as commonplace (yet frivolous) as a tea pot is that you have a lot of price points to choose from...from $4 to $400.

At $26, this adorable skull embellished tea set is just right. I love the contrast of such a traditionally "hard core" symbol with something as cozy as a tea set. And I'm tickled by the cartoony quality of its big loop handles.


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