Silhouette Fever

Right now I'm loving silhouettes, of all sorts (not just of the head variety). There is something about their stark simplicity that I find really lovely and elegant. The silhouette look has a rather romantic, gothic quality that's very much in vogue right now. What started my obsession was Laura Yaggy's apartment featured in Domino in December 2005. I loved her whole apartment, really, it was totally my aesthetic. She has a huge collection of silhouettes of all sorts, displayed throughout her charming apartment.

Speaking of gothic and romantic, I do hope you've been watching the BBC's stupendous rendition of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Part I aired last week and the penultimate bit will be on tomorrow night at 8:00, courtesy of Masterpiece Theatre. I felt that they really did justice to the book, which was one of my favorites as a young girl. I will admit to cheating - last Sunday eve I was so enthralled that I hopped on to YouTube and spent hours watching rather grainy clips of the second half! For example... [WARNING - spoiler alert!]

Anyhow, here are a few things I've been drooling over:

I love these Thomas Paul plates at ELSEWARES, I've been mooning over them since November. You can't beat the price ($28 for the set of four!).

Another Thomas Paul piece with a lighter feel at Bluefly.

Larchbed linens at CB2.
These are great. The teal shade adds an element of fun. I just wish they had them for twin beds as well. I have the dubious fortune of a doll-sized bedroom - if I had a queen or even full sized bed there wouldn't be any floor space to speak of.

Twig table runner, also from CB2. There is also a set of placemats for the ridiculously cheap price of $3.95 each. I like the clean, almost zen feel.

I'm in the market for a lampshade, and I love the texture of this flocked one. It also comes in a delightful sunny yellow! From Urban Outfitters.

Of course, you can't do a discussion of this style without a bit of John Derian. This one's a paperweight with a vintage silhouette.

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