Julia Fullerton-Batten does Edward Hopper

When I first saw this beautiful photo (top) from Julia Fullerton-Batten's website (remember this past post?), I was immediately reminded of iconic American painter Edward Hopper's rather sad and introspective paintings of lone women gazing out of windows. Like this one, for example (bottom): Eleven A.M. (1926). Though there is something creepily voyeuristic about this painting that I don't see as much in the photograph. The angle that the painter chose makes it seem as if she is being watched from behind - a classic example of the male gaze.

I love the shimmering surfaces in this photograph and the golden tones interspersed throughout. Plus the model's jacket, and her overall profile, is just lovely. This photo looks very fashion-y, don't you think? I'm not sure whether I like its slickness or not but overall it's a beautiful picture.

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