Another trend I'm coming late to

I've never really taken any notice of fingerless gloves or arm warmers (which I tend to classify together, for shared impracticality). At their worst, they are simply tacky (sorry, but the Madonna look was never my thing - I guess I'm too young for that).

However, they have been showing up lately in the strangest places. I was finally convinced when a cool indie girl came into one of my classes on Monday (when the low was -9 degrees farenheit) wearing her regular gloves tucked into a bigger pair of arm warmers, with different colored fingertips just sticking out of the top. I suddenly realized the brilliance of it - both the practicality of it which I scoffed at previously (in this case, your hands will be doubly warm) and the potential for cuteness.

If you get the right color gloves and put them together with the right colored arm warmers, you could have a really great look going, and stay warm in the bargain! Here are some pairs I liked.

Teal Fingerless gloves. It's all about that color...and the single huge button.

These pink gloves from the same etsy seller are lovely.

These are on sale at Anthropologie and they actually have removable mittens - how fun is that?

My hands-down favorite pair - I love the beautiful craftsmanship and their aged look, but they're a bit pricey and the color doesn't go with any of my gloves. You should definitely check out the seller's etsy shop - she also makes beautiful crocheted corsages.

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