Just saw a post at Apartment Therapy: Chicago on these fantastic window blinds from Love is Blind. I'm currently staring at my rather boring (and revealing) bamboo blinds...I've been thinking about a change-up for awhile now, and I absolutely adore these! They come in multiple patterns but this is my favorite. My bed faces the window, and I can imagine waking up every day with a smile on my face.

Click here for the link to the original post on Apartment Therapy: Chicago (where you can see photos of the other designs), and here for the UK shop which is carrying the product, called Bodie and Fou. The shop owner actually was kind enough to post in the comment section of the AT post and said that with VAT, shipping and exchange rate the blinds would cost about $120 for US buyers (the blinds are listed as £49.99 in the UK).
More fashion week posts coming later...I'm trying to mix it up a bit, see?

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