The Illusionist

I recently rented The Illusionist on Netflix.

I really liked it. I thought the acting was excellent (incidentally, I saw Rufus Sewell onstage this summer in London, in Tom Stoppard's oustanding, masterful Rock and Roll and he was amazingly good), and enjoyed the storyline as well. Jessica Biel's performance was a pleasant surprise, and the male cast members (Sewell, Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti) were great. I'm usually quite skeptical about "twist" endings which have cropped up at an alarming rate in recent years, but this one actually took me by surprise - and, more importantly, it made me smile.
The art direction was really well done, in my opinion. The movie had a very particular "feel" to it, and while the costume and sets placed it at the turn of the century, it had a certain otherworldly, ethereal quality that I quite liked.
In particular, my eyes were drawn to this shot in a hunting lodge:

Perhaps it's a bit difficult to make out, but look at all of those antlers! They form a fantastic canopy in this hallway.
Jamie Gray of Domino's Daily Dose blog noted on December 18th that "antlers are over, but..."
Well, I agree with the but! Antlers may be over, but I still find them quirky, in that neo-traditional sense that I love.

One of my fave design blogs, Shelterrific made a post on the same subject a few weeks ago.

According to Domino and Design*Sponge, cuckoo clocks are the new antlers. I love these versions at Urban:

Crazy Big Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock (in several colors).

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