Le Train Bleu

How happy I was to receive an e-mail last night from Le Train Bleu, one of my favorite online clothing retailers. It seems they have received a new shipment of inventory, including these treasures:

Nicholas K Merdock Cardigan

Uluru Amelie Cashmere Top

And some fabulous sale items:
One of my most coveted fall dresses, from Eventide is now marked down to $429, from $715.

Paala Theo Top, marked down to $169 from $242.

Uluru Fritzi Dress, marked down to $326 from $466.

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Anonymous Olivia C. Keller said...

I am loving this cardigan. So stylish and fashionable like a burberry trench coat . I am loving this dresses. These are also in affordable prices. I will love to have them specially the first blue one. The designs are very unique and appreciating . So gorgeous and awesome.

December 26, 2016 at 8:24 PM  

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