Once more, with feeling, Leonardo...

Check out 14 from the Gallery of the Absurd's latest masterpiece, courtesy of Leopold Da Vinnie! I love this website; it never fails to make me giggle. I think that this piece speaks for itself. 14 is great at distilling the big celebrity brouhaha of the moment...and making us laugh at ourselves for fueling the fire of celebrity culture with our US Weekly binges and hourly Perez Hilton check-ins.
This particular oeuvre is referring to that latest tidbit suggesting that "Tom Cruise is the new “Christ” of Scientology." A scary thought indeed.

A few other recent favorites of mine:

David Banda starring as Hollywood's Hottest Accessory!

and this pre-Shiloh gem,

which got 14 featured in the NYTimes! Too bad their offspring turned out to be just about the cutest baby ever. At least they seem happy!

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