Thank You, La Canadienne

OK. I have a confession to make.

I wore Uggs today.
They are the most hideous item in my closet, but also the warmest. They are like mini-ovens to put on your feet. And believe me, if you were out and about in downtown Chicago this morning...you would be wearing them as well. At least I didn't pay money for them - they were pilfered from a sibling's closet one chilly winter day like today (amusingly enough, they were my little brother's, who was 12 at the time, and he himself said good riddance to them!).

At least they're not pink - they're a respectable greige shade.

But my real excuse is that I was giving my secret weapons the day off.

Meet the Trinity, from La Canadienne.

They look like a perfectly adorable pair of dress boots, with all of the requisites - lovely black suede, unique styling (love those buckles!), round toes, and a tiny heel. But what you don't know is that they are lined with the softest, warmest polar fleece- and they are waterproof. Seriously waterproof. And so cute and comfortable and warm that I have been wearing them every day for the past two weeks.
Thus the day off.

Need I say more?

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Anonymous Betty J. Hodges said...

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December 26, 2016 at 8:20 PM  

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