Style Mavens on Vid!

I am loving the "Six Questions" video interviews conducted by one of my favorite "fashion on the street" blogs, Style Scout. Normally they just take these great photos so you get to see lots of fabulously creative people giving their particular take on the famously idiosyncratic "London style". But lately they've been stopping especially interesting people in the street and asking them six questions, a few examples being

What/who are you wearing?
What inspires you?
What's your favorite outfit?

It's quite fascinating, and nice to see the clothes in action as well. Apparently the last vid from "season two" has just been posted which saddens me. I thought I'd do a run-through with a few of my favorites.

Gabriella, stylist. I love her elegant take on the menswear look.

Poppy, London Fashion Student. My personal favorite - look at those shoes!

Levi Palmer. No photo, but trust me, you will want to click, especially if you are a hat fan.

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