Bags to Soothe the Soul

Sorry guys...I know I've been lax in the posting. One more grinding week and it will all be over...until next quarter. I really do love being a student, but crunch times like this really get to me. So I try to cheer up when I can, and look at pretty things to tide me over.

Now most girls have a favorite accessory/clothing item that pulls their heartstrings more than any other. My best friend could own a thousand cute, comfy, ever-flattering T-shirts whereas bags, I think, are my drug of choice. Shoes too, and coats, but bags were really my first love.

I stopped by my local Anthropologie on Saturday and spotted this delicious satchel just begging to be taken home. The grey shade of the leather makes it understated, giving it a lot of range and possibility to go with many outfits, but its slightly slouchy shape and adorable giant buttons on the pockets add interest and make it stand out. The leather, too, is buttery soft to the touch. Oh, I could just go on and on!

This Loeffler Randall bag is heart-pounding in a different way. I love the deep teal shade of the leather, its interesting shape and the unique detail of the looping in the handle. While I could carry the South Bay tote above as an everyday kind of bag, this one would be great for adding the extra oomph an outfit sometimes needs.

Oh, I love me a good print. On Saturday I spent a few hours at the mayhem that is Woodfield Mall, and I stepped into the enormous (and bedlam-esque) Forever 21, hoping that I'd find something special. Unfortunately it looked as if a textiles factory had thrown up all over the store. There were cute things here and there, but I was just overhwelmed with the poor quality and less than tasteful prints. I was relieved upon leaving the store, but disappoined. I wanted to remind myself just why prints can be so fantastic...so here you are!

This adorable black and white print will look lovely with most anything in your closet, and I just love that slightly abstracted botanical print! Plus, it's made from a super-durable canvas. What a way to spring forward into the new season...

Finally, there's this beautiful yet functional handmade bag, found on my favorite online shopping emporium, etsy. You know, silhouettes were the subject of my very first post (not counting the introduction), so it's kind of fitting that I continue to rave about similar items.


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