Day 2 of the Apartment Challenge

In yesterday's post, to which you may want to refer for background, I introduced my apartment dilemma and began what I'm calling my "flight of fancy" apartment designing spree: in (hopefully) getting my first (studio) apartment on my own this summer, what would I put in it if I had $2,000 to spend? Yesterday I discussed the sleeping area. We ended up at $463.90. Today, I'm going to continue with what is arguably the home's most important space - the living room.

The most important piece in a living room is definitely a sofa. I considered going with a very, very cheap version from IKEA but ultimately ended up with a more expensive piece because, after all, a sofa is one of those pieces that you do want to invest in a bit more than say, an occasional table.

I really like this sofa from Urban Outfitters. Playing off of a classic mid-century Danish style, this sofa is very neutral and it has a lovely shape. It would look great in many spaces, with many different styles of decor. Plus it's so functional - you can remove the cushions and it will convert into a twin size bed, perfect for slumber parties with your best friend. The price is pretty great too, for a brand-new great-looking sofa.
It costs $480.

Another extremely crucial piece - at least for me, an avid bookworm - is a bookshelf. I like this clean, geometric version from IKEA, which repeats the white shade from the bed frame.. I would stick my pint-size telly in one of the squares (hopefully it would fit) and fill the rest with books and a few knicknacks. The Expedit shelf is $129.

Beside the sofa I would stick this copy of a Neoclassical tripod table from Target. It's gold, like the bees painted on my bedside table. In a reference that probably only I would appreciate in my dorky way, golden bees were Napoleon's symbol and this style of tripod table was popular during his reign. $34.99 from Target.

On the table I would set my green lucite lamp base from PB2 and top it with this gorgeous shade from Anthropologie to add a bit of color to this part of the room. $98 from Anthropologie.

I would throw this sage Tessuto blanket onto the couch. I think it would look lovely near the lamp. At $39.95 (from CB2 it's a pretty inexpensive way to add both color and texture to this part of the room.

If there's space on the tripod table, I would stick these sweet little Farm vases alongside of it. I love the variety of textures in each piece. $5.97 for 3 at IKEA.

In front of the couch I would place this clean, spare parsons-style coffee table from IKEA, which costs $24.99. A few of my voluminous collections of magazines (carefully edited, at least at first) would be stored in the compartment below, and above would be a few of my favorite coffee table books and perhaps a tablescape (I've always wanted to build one of those and have never really had a place for it). I'm not sure how it would look but I love the idea of covering the top with a raffia or burlap-type material to add texture, like this rather pricier version by Laura Yaggy.

On the walls I would hang this print from Oh My Cavalier! (Julianna Swaney), available here for $26.
This brings our final total for today to $1,302.8.

I'm dying to hear what you all think about this so far. Granted, this is an imaginary apartment, but who knows - quite a few of these things will probably be for sale a few months from now, and if I keep working and saving maybe I can start adding them one by one - that is, if I'm still enamored with the concept.
What works (if anything)? What doesn't work? Suggestions? Comments? Concerns?


Blogger Joanna Goddard said...

LOVE your ideas! the room will be beautiful (real or imaginary)

April 25, 2007 at 5:09 PM  

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