Final Day of the Apartment Challenge

Please see Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's posts for reference. In short, this four-day series was a way for me to play with a possible design for a possible near-future studio apartment, with the rather impossible budget of $2,000 (which I know most people wouldn't hesitate to throw down for a sofa alone - and rightly so - but for a soon-to-be-college graduate it's a bit scary).

We ended yesterday with a total of $1,767.63. The last room we have to work with is the bathroom. I think a black, white and yellow color combination is very pretty and makes a great impact. I like my very pretty shower curtain (below) enough to keep it in a new apartment. Though I would add that if I had an extra $40, I might have to go with the splendidly textural Paper Flowers curtain from Anthropologie.

I would pair the shower curtain with this striking isola bella bath matfrom Anthropologie and sort-of-matching pair of hand and full towels, from Bed Bath & Beyond. The bath mat is $48 and a set of towels is $25.98.

I would then add this playful and rather less typically "girly-girly" bin bin trash can by John Brauer to modernize things a bit. I've been admiring it awhile and think it would look great in this bathroom. It costs $50.

Another modern white accessory is this aspudden wall shelf from IKEA - I love its streamlined quality which reminds one of the dining room table. It costs $29.99.

I like this stainless steel set - it's basic but still modern and elegant, and it costs only $15.99.

On the walls, I would place this tiny and gorgeously detailed etching of a bumblebee by Mike Southern. I suppose you could say this is an example of my weird sense of humor playing out because the etching is scientific in appearance and not cutesy but it points to the black and yellow color scheme. It costs only $15 at Etsy.

And, finally, this lovely, dreamlike print by Laura Cameron called "Almost Reached You," which is also $15 from Etsy.

That comes to a final total of $1,967.59. Not bad, huh?

In reflection...
This blog is really a great place to vent my shopping frenzy without doing too much damage to my credit cards. In a word, it's an outlet. I submitted my first post exactly three months ago, on January 27, 2007. Honestly, the first month and a half of blogging was so much easier, because all of the ideas that had been stewing inside my head for the past few years were released. I was able to speedily produce three posts a day on things that really excited me - I wasn't just posting to fill a quota. Now, I've used up most of that early reserve, but that doesn't mean I've lost my creative energy - on the contrary!

The great thing about this series was that it allowed me to put together a few of my favorite things I had seen while searching for blogging material, and organize them into a cohesive space. This is just one apartment design possibility out of many to come.
Which is, perhaps, the most exciting thing of all.


Blogger LauraB said...

Hi there! New to your blog. I like your black,white yellow bathroom idea. I'm actually moving to Chicago in a few months, might take that idea with me. Also, I know what you mean about using up your creativity in the first few months, I started my blog recently too and am having similar issues. Just wanted you to know I enjoy yours, even if it's not 5 posts a day!

May 4, 2007 at 2:16 PM  

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