Under the Sea

I was surprised and pleased to find an article, "Where the Craft Babes and D.I.Y. Dudes Are," in the New York Times' Sunday Styles section.

The article discussed the indie craft phenomenon piloted by design blogs, as well as magazines such as ReadyMade and dealt particularly with every craftsters' favorite retailer, Etsy, and the Renegade Craft Fair. It was in Chicago a few months ago (having been founded by 2 Chicagoans) and I couldn't make it, but I will be sure to go when it returns in September. I was excited to hear that the fair's creators have a Wicker Park shop in the works. I can't wait to visit!

What really piqued my interest, however, was their observation, at the Brooklyn Renegade fair, that sea creatures were the new wildlife trend. Last years' antlers, owls and sparrows just won't cut it anymore, apparently. We've been hearing this for awhile now, but I will admit I am still stuck on those furry little forest dwellers. I'm a bit sick of trendiness, actually, and prefer to buy things, trendy or not, because I love them - not because they're in or out. Thus I will proudly display last years' cuckoo clock on my wall!

However, it is always exciting to see something new. And if you're are the sort that likes to keep up with the Joneses (or even if you're not!), I've culled a marine menagerie from around the web for you to enjoy!

I happen to be very fond of wood- and linocuts. I think this one by Sonia Romero, called "O is for Octopus," is quite fun, and not just for little kids. Check out the rest of Sonia's shop - she has the whole alphabet for sale. Dogs may be land animals, but I love P is for Poodle! $30 at Etsy.

This squid tie by Cyberoptix Tie Lab was featured in the article, and I wouldn't mind wearing one myself. Its scientific detail reminds me of 19th century etchings by naturalists. It's creepy but also enthralling, and definitely out of the ordinary. The rest of their offerings have are similarly cool. $30 at Etsy.

I really like the abstracted octopus print on this tank top by C&C California. It looks like a fun graphic print from far away, and then you get up close and you realize what it's actually depicting! $48 at Shopbop.

How about this whimsical Merwhale by Jon Carling? $7 at Etsy.

I've always loved Alessi's cheerful yet utilitarian creations. Their fun Expandable Fish Trivet is perfect example. $75 at MOMA.

Erica Weiner is one of my favorite jewelery designers; her price points are decent and her nostalgic wunderkammern aesthetic never disappoints. The Sea Monster Protection necklace costs $100.

If you want to add a "trendy" object to your household, something cheap and disposable is always a good option. I like this dishtowel. $14 from Anthropologie.

And how about these fabulous printed wedges from Maloles? $278 at Anthropologie.

Finally, John Derian's decoupage trove yields a wealth of treasures:


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