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I'm continuing with my love affair with IKEA. I'll admit I kind of turned my nose up at it before; I saw the cheap construction and ignored the often great design. But now that I'm paying closer attention to it out of necessity, I'm starting to realize how fantastic it is - better late than never, right? Unfortunately I've found I am most to attached to the aesthetics of the higher-end IKEA items, such as those from the new Stockholm collection. When I made my last trip to the store a few weeks ago, I fell hard for this slipper chair, upholstered in the new BLAD print:

The design is clean and streamlined, making a perfect backdrop for the beautiful Josef Frank-like print (yes, I'm still obsessed) which is cheerful and fun without being cloying or cutesy. I have to say, it's also quite comforable. Too bad it's $399 - while pretty well-priced for an easy chair, it's not exactly what I would call an easy impulse buy. I do need floor-length curtains for two windows, and I was thinking about these, which are more economical at $59.99 (and would theoretically go with my tentative green, yellow and white color scheme) but I wonder if such a busy print might not be too much for my tiny space. Ideas?

Sorry about the ridiculous title; I just couldn't help myself!


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