Patience...my least favorite virtue

I hate waiting. I really hate waiting. Right now I'm sitting in my empty apartment, feeling its familiar sounds echo emptily around me. Boxes, boxes, everywhere. It's pretty depressing. I'm ready to move, but I can't, because my trusty movers (a.k.a. Dad and Brother) are quite tied up until 4:30. It's out of my control and theirs, but I feel flaming mad because I can't do anything and I've taken a day off from work for nothing.

If anything could cheer me up, it might be these pretty rugs from my trusty happiness machine, Anthropologie.

Mandarin Leaf Rug

Arcadian Garden Rug

I feel better already.

Maybe I should take a walk down the street to see the real thing in person. I live just blocks away from Chicagoland's newest Anthropologie. I would be sad about moving away from my favorite wallet-drainer, but I'm moving...you guessed it, just blocks away from another one! Isn't it nice how these things work out?


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