John Robshaw's Passage to India

In my search for the perfect yellow and white ikat curtains* to cover the double whammy of hideous air conditioner and an even more hideous silver radiator that sits under my window, I came across John Robshaw's gorgeous Bukhara bedding at auto. I love the lush colors and the way the extraordinary patterns work together seamlessly; you'd think that all of the vibrant prints would compete with each other but they seem to work together in one luscious whole. I keep coming back to it just to stare at the pictures...best of all, it comes in twin size!*
Now, where's a trust fund I can tap into?

* Any ideas about where to find these? I'm getting desperate!
* My big complaint about Anthropologie and other high-end bedding retailers is that they offer only king and queen sizes, which is quite the travail for those of us still living in teensy studio apartments and sleeping on day beds with twin mattresses. We'd like to have pretty sheets too!


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