To Coffee Table, or Not...???

I'm on the hunt for a coffee table.

I've uncovered a few likely contenders. Trouble is, while all of them are relatively affordable for most people (under $500), they're still too expensive for me. $300 for something on which to rest my feet and some magazines seems like a total joke at present. But as my daybed is currently the only seating surface in my apartment as I await the arrival of some chairs, I'm finding a coffee table would be very handy.

I've canvassed the IKEA website (and store) over and over again. I really thought that I would pick up the Parsons-style LACK table with shelf, but when I saw it in person the white was really off-white and the wood laminate looked cheap. For $29.99 you really can't complain but I do have some standards.

The only way I can imagine it working is if I decoupaged it with some pretty paper from the Paper Source. A few candidates:

The Stockholm table would suit me very well but I saw it in person and it's enormous; absolutely too big for my tiny studio. Of course IKEA has lots of other options but none of them really fit my very picky qualifications.

I'm looking for something in a light or medium-tone wood to add some "color"/depth to the space, with very clean lines and some interesting but undistracting detail. Also, most importantly, I would like something that serves a double duty, with either drawers or some kind of storage below. If it is lacking in the latter qualification, it would have to be a pretty stellar design and price.

Here's what I've uncovered so far:

Bonsai coffee table, $329 at DANIA.

Vintage lucite coffee table, $395 at ModHaus.

Patterned Veneer Coffee Table, $349 from West Elm.

Parsons Storage coffee table, $249 from West Elm.

I think I would like this table if it came in something other than black. A light wood could be nice. $89.99 from IKEA.

I really like the decoupage nesting tables from Anthropologie, and they are nice on their own, but having seen them in person I think they look the most interesting as a set.

Any ideas for cheaper options would be lovely....I'm going to the flea market on Sunday and I'm hoping that something special will turn up.


Blogger michelle said...

Oh what great options you have there. I can tell you that we use a bench from Ikea as a coffee table b/c our space is long and narrow, if yours is not, then how about two pieces of plywood on casters, you can paint right on the plywood and customize it (or transfer onto it with wintergreen oil) and shazam, you gots yourself a table. I also like otomans as a coffee table, try overstock and target :) Good luck

July 29, 2007 at 8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is the name of the Ikea coffee table? I've been trying to find it on Craigslist for months and it's discontinued.

May 21, 2009 at 1:22 AM  

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