Under the Sea redux

Now that I've posted about it, I can't seem to get away from aquatic imagery. I've found a few more lovely items that I was kicking myself for not incuding in time. I just couldn't leave them by the wayside!

I really like the circular composition of this Underwater Circus Screenprint by Jaime Zollars. I think it could be enjoyed both equally by both adults and children.

Kick back in these fabulously plush Stubbs and Wootton Octopussy slippers named after one of my favorite campy Bond movies. They possess an impeccable pedigree and a sense of humor to boot!

Julianna Swaney of Oh My Cavalier continues her long run as one of my favorite Etsy artists. I love this delicate, nostalgic print of a whale, entitled In the Heart of the Sea. Even the title is wonderful!

This drawing of a girl with fantastic octopus earrings by Ali J is awfully charming, don't you think?

Finally there is this beautiful set of fourteen starfish prints produced through the "nature printing" process from Anthropologie. I love the varying compositions and the delicate linework.


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