Rainy Day Luxury

After weeks of unbearably untimely 90-degree weather here in Chicago, it is finally beginning to feel like fall! I get to pull my cozy sweaters out of storage and curl up with a blanket and a cup of tea, instead of attaching myself to the air conditioner. What better way to (belatedly) start off my favorite season than with a particularly special pot of tea?

I dropped a little bulb into the steaming water and watched the magic begin...

I sat, entranced, watching the blossom's progress until the tea itself began to grow cold. Which kind of negates the purpose, but still ... it was purty.

This post, by the way, represents my attempt to justify the $15 price tag...yes, you read that right. There was no sticker on the box of tea at Whole Foods. I yelped when they rang it up at the cash register, but with a line of people behind me I just decided to go with it.

I might be crazy but I think the prettiness is winning out. It wasn't the smartest purchase I've ever made, but like cashmere socks, sometimes the most pointless luxury items can make you feel very special indeed.


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