Hi, My Name is Blythe, and I Judge Books By Their Covers....

It's funny - I don't post much about books here. Well, I suppose I sort of do, but not as much as I think about them. So you might not know this. But I am a huuuuuuge book person. Old books, new books, borrowed books, blue books. When I was little, my idea of fun was a visit to the local public library. I love the irreplaceable sensation of reading - the smell of the pages, the way they feel against my hands, the different typesettings and of course their covers. Not to mention the transcendent experience of a great story which is of course the whole point. I spent my childhood ensconced in other worlds, other times and places. And I wouldn't have had it any other way.

These days, I could probably build a house with all of my books. But that doesn't stop me from accruing more each month. I've actually been very good recently - maybe because I've been buying teapots instead! But my caution was tested when I came across this article, "Bound for Posterity, in the Telegraph about the Folio Society.

Eliminate any suspicions and or prejudices you may have about book clubs, as it is so much more than that (and they don't send you books in the mail every month!). I'll let the article convince you, as it did me, but a simple visit to their website just might do the trick. They put so much loving care into the production of each edition, and the gorgeous covers alone are proof of this. I'm dying to get my hands on these - and considering the quality and beauty of each volume, the Society offers a remarkable value. Any of their tomes would be a remarkable Christmas gift for the book lover in your life.


Blogger michelle said...

I love those covers, I just love them, I could frame them, maybe I will...that would be a cool wall, huge wall full of interesting book covers, or even better, the whole book, framed in a deep frame as a piece of art...so killer.

November 11, 2007 at 8:31 AM  

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