Science des rêves

On Friday night, I watched Michel Gondry's recent film, The Science of Sleep. I enjoyed it. It was wacky...a bit hard to follow at times, but my concentration paid off in the end. Above all I loved its imagination and its quirks. It's never been the aim of this blog to critique films, but I will say that I recommend it, especially if you enjoyed Gondry's other films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (the title of which is part of a quote by Alexander Pope, one of my favorite 18th century visionaries).

If you watch this film I would recommend you keep an eye on the decor. Charlotte Gainsburg's apartment, especially. It was difficult to find the screencaps I was looking for (if you know of a good source, please let me know!) but these might give you an idea:

It is just the sort of romantic clutter I love in a space. Pattern mixing, vintage art finds, and tchotchkes everywhere. In one hallway scene, you see a white bust which is sticking out (in relief) on a white wall. There was something about it that really struck me - perhaps the incongruity, because we usually see them sitting on flat surfaces like pedestals, bookshelves or tables.
It's not very practical, perhaps (for example, how would you get it to stay attached to the wall?) but so interesting.



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