Grey's Anatomy for the Home

Did y'all watch Grey's Anatomy last night?

I swear, that show is becoming soapier by the minute...and I am lapping up the drama! That sizzling mix of humor, suspense, tragedy and romance is just inimitable. Not to mention the amazing soundtrack which has changed my life. I could happily live without a television and just watch movies on my Macbook if it weren't for Grey's.
So what does this have to do with anything, you might ask?
I was totally reminded of my Grey's obsession when walking around the East Village last weekend in Manhattan. It was late on Saturday night and an antiques mall was closing up. I watched as a man loaded an anatomical torso onto a truck. You know, the kind they use to teach med students:

Find it here on ebay.
It's like a car accident. You just can't tear your eyes away.
Talk about subversive decorating! Can you imagine sticking this in some random corner in your home for unsuspecting visitors to happen upon? I was thinking like on top of an armoire in a high-ceilinged room. It's less elegant, perhaps, than a skull (poor Yorick!) but it's also kitschier, and less creepy.

There's just something I find so appealingly quirky about medical imagery, particularly of the vintage strain. These coasters, for example:

Beautiful, right? And I love the mise en scene.

Then there's this pocket mirror. I love the illustration's facility of line and the way the red and blues make it pop:

How about this "In Good Health" wall hanging from John Derian?

Look at this eye diagram tray, also from John Derian. When I visited the store on Saturday, I wanted to carry it away with me.

Finally, why not wear a bit of anatomy, courtesy of Tilly Bloom? I think her jewelry is so much fun.

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Blogger mohairpink said...

That pelvis necklace is just a riot. You crack me up, describing this stuff! Reds, blues etc.

February 25, 2007 at 1:16 PM  
Blogger ma vie en rose said...

glad you're enjoying! =) I had a blast putting this post together. Too bad I came across all of this stuff in my favorites list I had saved *after* I put the post up - like this necklace from Erica Weiner that used a cast of an actual mouse pelvis bone!!!

February 26, 2007 at 4:54 AM  

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