Perfect 10, Baby

You might remember my recent post where I raved a bit about my super-cheap ($100 a night) Manhattan hotel. I believe I called the decor "mod on the cheap." After checking out, I maintain my positive review of it. One of the reasons why my room was so cheap, was because the bathrooms were separate. There was a steel sink in my room but that's it.

Well, one of the nifty things about the whole bathroom situation was the little light-up system they had over the door, which turns red when one of the bathrooms is occupied. See:

The other nifty thing is the bathrooms themselves. They're all really tiny, but done up in a tasteful grey marble with sleek fixtures. And the best part about the whole hotel was the biggest bathroom on my floor. When you open the door, you see the sink ahead of you at the end of this tiny narrow corridor. Inset into the grey marble is a huge photo of these three cool dudes:

I definitely wanted to take it home and put it in my bathroom!



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