I Heart NY, part deux

More things I love about New York:

My breakfast yesterday, at the most fabulous cafe outside of Vienna. Sorry, Julius Meinl...you'll have to console yourself with second best! The gugelhopf (ginger cake) melted in my mouth, and the hot cocoa...while not Angelina...was very good.

This gorgeous fabric by Dagobert Peche. Find it at the Neue Galerie on one of Josef Hoffman's neoclassical chairs. If you haven't been yet, please go to this tiny gem of a museum - if only for the Klimts and the drool-worthy design shop! It's called Schwalbenschwanz (butterfly). This is the best image I could find of it. You can buy this skirt and other Schwalbenschwanz items at this German design shop.

Takashimaya. I mean, hello? They carry Santa Maria Novella! Yeah, I know, you can get it at Eluxury now but I was still excited. Ultra-refined, ultra-beautiful everything. The tea room's great too. I had a limited number of stores I had time to go to yesterday, but I made sure I got there, because it's definitely an all-time fave. Bendel's was disappointing in comparison. Despite the speedo-clad, blonde-wigged male models gyrating in the window for some MAC Barbie promotion.

My new lace earrings and Muji notebooks from the Moma Design Store. Awful picture, sorry.

Van Dyck's characteristic elegant, tapered hands - you just know those sitters had short, stubby fingers! See them several times over at my favorite American museum, the Frick Collection.

The gorgeous shawl of the Comtesse Daru, by Jacques-Louis David. The ultimate Neoclassical ladies' accessory. Unfortunately the color's a bit off - the green is really much more fresh and vibrant. The comtesse also lives at the Frick.

This symphony in black and white in the window at Calypso last night.

I hate...the horrible taxi drivers who, if you can even find one, ask you where you're going and zoom off if it's not to their liking.

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