I Heart New York, enfin

Even more and more things I love about New York:

JOHN DERIAN. John Derian, John Derian, John Derian. More on this later.

Pylones! This awesome French chain is like Alessi on crack. I was so excited when I walked past their Soho location - I found this shop in Avignon when I was there last summer and didn't think they had any locations outside of France.
Below: Pylones superhero salad servers on top, Alessi corkscrews on bottom:

MOSS - The high altar of design. I swear I check their website everyday, and their New York store is a must visit. This trip I was only able to look in the window (it was closed), for which my wallet thanks me. Not that I could afford anything in there! The last time I was there in August, my mom and I sighed over a spectacularly lacy white iron garden bench by Tord Boontje that was about $40,000...like this more wallet-friendly curtain on steroids.

Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. I was so ready to proclaim them overrated. Too bad! At 10:30 on a Saturday night, the line was out the door...and they really were that great. Although I would draw the line at taking a dozen ecstatic photos of my treats like the people ahead of me were doing. (the photo's not mine, I promise - courtesy of About.com!).

Biography Bookshop. So it doesn't have the musty, cozy ambiance of bookshops I found wandering around Bloomsbury in London. All of the books I found were pretty new editions. But I found lots of great deals on "name-brand books" - Simon Doonan's OOP autobiography, still wrapped in plastic, and Evelyne Lever's bio of Madame de Pompadour (Nancy Mitford's version will always have a soft spot in my heart, but I'll give this one a chance) being two such examples. And it's kitty-corner from Magnolia.

Feeling the rumblings of the subway beneath me at Angelika as I watched a wonderful French film, Fauteuils d'orchestre...like an earthquake moving to the surface.

My brunch at tiny East Village eatery Prune, the best meal I've ever waited 1.5 hours for. The eggs benedict and hot chocolate were fantastic.

Glitter and Doom, which just closed at the Met today. It was an amazing, amazing show of Verist portraiture during the short-lived, decadent, and utterly corrupt Weimar republic. Otherwise known as the roaring twenties in Germany. I would exhort you to go, go, go but, uh, it closed today - so sorry!

This room. I usually spend most of my time in the 19th century rooms at the Met, but they were mostly being renovated and I decided to switch it up and spend the afternoon in the American wing - boy am I glad that I did! Maybe I love the wallpaper so much because I picked out something very similar for my very first decorating project - my dollhouse!

Coming home to find my March Domino smiling up at me from the table outside my door.
I'm going to read it right now.

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