Oh, Etro

I was really blown away by this show. Well, rather by about 8-10 looks in this show which really wowed me. This suprises me, because I am very picky about color and this venerable brand, famous for its colorful prints, has a tendency to go over the top. But I thought there were several looks which worked really well, and that I would wear in a heartbeat. Here are a few:

Yum- I love the shade of burgundy on that skirt, and how it works with the colors in the blouse. And the leather totally sexes up this sort of "funky librarian" look.

What a beautiful, muted print, which is a perfect contrast to the gorgeous chartreuse satin just peeping out.

Love, love, love this coat. This whole outfit is just perfection, really - well, it would be really perfect if the fur was faux, but that's life!

Ignore the hairy tendrils sprouting from her shoulders. My god, look at those colors!

These colors should not work together, but they do. I love the ruffled collar emerging from the sweater. This look is so refined, but the color really makes it young and fun.

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Blogger discothequechic said...

I absolutely love this collection! Never really noticed Etro before, but its lovely!

S xx

February 22, 2007 at 5:49 PM  

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