Dances and Dresses and Suits, Oh My!

My baby brother is a freshman in high school, and he just went to his first formal dance. With a date. I mean, this is big news. He was actually asked, because the dance, which they call "Turnabout," is like a Sadie Hawkins dance where the girl asks the boy. I don't think I ever went to Turnabout - I asked a guy once but was so horrified when he turned me down (to his credit, he was already going with someone else and seemed very sorry) that I didn't venture another try the next year.

Anyways. I won't humiliate my brother by posting his photo on the internet - though he looked very dapper in his black suit, pink shirt and turquoise and pink striped tie from Ralph. He was by far the handsomest guy there, but perhaps I'm biased. The point of that whole story is, I was just looking through the pictures. And one of the girls in his party was wearing this dress from Anthropologie, which I thought was a very daring and original choice.

I've been admiring ever since I saw it posted over at fashion is spinach awhile back. It's also economical - the median price point for dresses at these kinds of events (at least when I was still attending them) was around $300, and this one tops off at just $168. Usually at those formal dances you'll see either very long, classic - i.e. boring - strapless gowns (I'll admit to past offenses in that arena), or hoochielicious bedazzled gowns with skin flashing about every which way. Not very boring, but not exactly tasteful either. So I say to this girl, who is probably attending her very first or second formal dance of her life - well done honey! You looked lovely.


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