Hooray for needlepoint!

Remember this?

Anthropologie has started putting their needlepoint ottoman thingys online. Finally. I can't wait for the piece I already posted about to go up, so I can visit it online with many a melodramatic sigh whenever I want.

Pheasant Needlepoint Ottoman, $348.

Rooster Needlepoint Ottoman, $348.

Also on that same post, I talked about how I loved the juxtapositon of using old master prints for needlepoint...I can't help but see it as (unknowingly) tongue-in-cheek because of the "negative" (even kitschy) connations of so-called "low arts" like needlepoint. I'm an art history major, so it kind of goes with the territory for me to obsess over silly things like that.
Thus, you may understand my delight after winning this piece at auction this weekend:

I just love the rich colors in this piece - and the price (it was under $20).
It's an unknown artist's version of Rembrandt's portrait of his young bride Saskia (1634). Would you look at that hat!

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