Superlong Sunday - Paris Fashion Week edition

Okay, I know I've been remiss posting about Paris fashion week, especially because that's the part of the season I always most look forward to. Sorry - let's just say the quarter is nearing it's end and schoolwork is starting to pile up...visibly.

I'm going to make this brief (well, that is, I'll try to make this as brief as possible) and post "just a few" favorites from the shows so far, in no particular order.

Karl Lagerfeld usually bores me. I get that he's brilliant and all, but his collections at Chanel tend to be predictable - he is always right on the trend, there is always going to be a classic suit or two, camellias and black and white will likely make an appearance...you get the picture. So I was pleasantly surprised by his fun and youthful fall collection.
Especially this coat:

The whole outfit, really - the scarf is one great mass of ohmygoodness and don't get me started on those boots.

Conversely, I always look forward to what Dries van Noten puts out (his luxe collection from last fall was a particular favorite of mine). I liked (no, loved) his navy and black color scheme, his steamlined layers, and the feathery print of that coat!

I know everyone was going off about the model-torture at Victor and Rolf but I just loved the clothes. Especially the print on that last dress!!

Loooved these looks from Undercover.

I think Ann Demeulemester is great...she does have a formula but it's more to my taste so I enjoy seeing what she has to offer every year. This silhouette is so modern.

I've never heard of Haider Ackermann - it's always nice to see new names in the fashion world. I love these looks, which are so beautifully self-contradictory: minimal yet luxe.

And finally I'll end with the requisite Balenciaga for some major eye-candy. Honestly, that man (Nicholas Ghesquiere) can do no wrong! He's the most innovative person in fashion, which I think is the best demonstration of his house's great legacy.


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