Sunday in the Park with RugBag

I know summer is almost over, and that autumnal chill is beginning to linger in the air. But to me, this is the most beautiful time of year, and a bit of a drop in temperature should not immediately signal that it is time to hibernate for the winter. So when I saw the RugBag by Demelza Hill I thought it was as good an excuse as any to picnic well into the autumn months. It's only September, so you have some time!

I love to see items that marry beauty and convenience in one simple package, and RugBag is a perfect example of this - the black and white baroque pattern is so pretty. Bundle up in a cozy sweater coat, tote a wicker thermos of hot apple cider, dine off of charming faux bois melamine plates and enjoy the fall canopy while it lasts.

via pan-dan.


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