Shades of Grey

I like to weed through my Etsy list of favorite objects, looking for patterns. Today, I noticed a lot of grey-toned items have been cropping up - just as they have in my closet. Grey might not have the immediate impact of vibrant colors like red or yellow, but I can find a lot to appreciate in its smoky subtlety. It's more variable than you might think. Can you really look at these wonderful and diverse pieces and tell me that grey is boring?

Grey Rose Mini Print by askey

Plastic Conflict, by swirlingthoughts

Street in Riga by artquirk

handbuilt lace imprinted gray bowl by dgordon pottery

Reflected Rainshower by jared in kansas

I woke to someone else's dream, by Elinor Scott-Sutter

Beatles Magnets by Bungle Bears Designs

Rainy Day, by menta

Jump, by Ryn


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