The Magic Bunny

Not everybody appreciates a sense of humor in houseware design, but I think it adds the most perfect frisson in most spaces, particularly when it is present in the most mundane of objects. Philippe Starck comes to mind - his fly swatter is the perfect example. The teams at Pylones and Alessi are also pros at this sort of thing.

Today I came across this Alessi paper towel holder and I just had to share. Having wanted to buy one two months ago upon my move-in, I ended up giving up, because they were all so ugly, and boring, and I thought I could save a few bucks and do without. But who can say no to this silly little number?


Blogger michelle said...

AH, how cute, I love Alessi, we have some clear glass containers with rubber tops that have a little guy hanging down by one arm into the jar about 2 inches, so when it is almost full, he looks like he is trying to breath inside the coffee-beans! I love it.

August 16, 2007 at 9:18 AM  

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