Back to School with Acme Made

Today was my sister's first day of college, and many students throughout the country are returning to school this week. For me, late August was always peppered with an excitement (bordering on mania) for shiny new school supplies combined with the absolute dread of a return to schoolwork and gym class.

I graduated from college in June, and it's really beginning to sink in that those days are in the past. Though I'm hoping to go to graduate school next year so this may only be a temporary respite. In any case, my visit to Stitch on Saturday turned up a most tempting back to school item perfect for a fledgling grown-up like myself.

When I got my Macbook last September I had a long and fruitless search for the perfect stylish functional affordable case which ended in my purchasing a squishy neoprene cover that allowed me to slip my computer into my Kooba Paige. Functional and affordable, yes, but not really super-stylish.

During my search I came across Acme Made bags. I really loved them - the design was outstanding, they seemed really well-made, and I really liked the fabric choices. I just couldn't be persuaded to spend almost $200 on a laptop bag (I had just shelled out a lot of money for the Kooba).

When I stepped into Stitch I was soon stopped in my tracks by this perfect specimen:

The design is so sleek and minimal that it allows the outstanding print to take center stage. It's graphic and chic. And the subdued shades mean that it's quite versatile. It was love at first sight. Problem is, my job doesn't require that I carry my laptop around, and school is over...
what's a new grad to do?


Blogger LauraB said...

Haha. It's still fun to look up items you have absolutely no use for. Maybe you could bring your laptop out to a cafe to do some blogging? I like the no-style squishy case. It's a practical idea that I might use as I start grad school in a week :)

August 20, 2007 at 11:24 PM  

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