Operation Apartment

Three months post-move, I still have to ...

1) go to the hardware store and get bamboo curtain rods cut

2) hang curtains

3) put together my coffee table, find the perfect yellow paint for it, sand, prime and paint the tabletop

4) enlist my dad in helping me to fix my poor new ikea file cabinet which I misguidedly tried to put together on my own. actually, enlist dad in helping me with all of the above. except help with paint color, which is mom's area of expertise. (am i 22 or 12? sometimes it's hard to tell)

5) create a little "office nook" with said filing cabinet underneath the breakfast bar...get a little wall pouch to put my mail in (my current method of throwing it on the nearest surface until I can remember to deal with it is not working

6) get battery for my cuckoo clock (d-oh : it's been sitting pretty on my wall for weeks now and still not performing its intended function)

7) cut mats for my two vintage prints at work

8) frame above prints

9) get a few more pieces for the little wall by my door

10) frame those too

11) get something green (i heard it's really easy to grow grass .... I am not even kidding - I think I killed my eggling)

12) prettify the blah white kitchen - i'm thinking of lining the cabinets with pretty paper, getting a bright rug, etc.

13) do something about the boring bathroom (new rug?)

14) get my Polish poster, and frame it

15) find the perfect dresser/credenza:
midcentury, with clean lines and vintage charm
less than 56" long
less than $500 (hopefully way less)
in short, a fantasy on tapered legs

16) hang my mirror above the dresser. finally.

My goal is to accomplish at least five of these tasks by Monday ... I will report back and let you know how that goes! Hopefully the list will be totally complete by Thanksgiving ... I have lots of other ideas of things I want to do with the apartment, but these are the most pressing.

OK, I'm adding one more item to the list:

17) get a new USB cord for my camera so I can take some pictures and show you all what I've done so far (I happen to be really, really proud of the salon-style wall I put together a few weekends ago, though it won't complete until I get #7 and #8 done)



Blogger LauraB said...

Ambitious! Good luck.

About your #13 boring bathroom situation, I remember (at least I think it was you) when I first found your blog you had the most beautiful bathroom post about a yellow and black bathroom...If I'm not wrong and that was you, what happened to that idea? I loved it. If it wasn't you, how about black and yellow? :)

August 31, 2007 at 4:03 PM  

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