IKEA, how I love and loathe thee...

So I did make it to IKEA this weekend. I left with a headache, plus a lot of random little goodies, including but not limited to this $4 (yes, $4) fleece throw with sweet laser-cut trim with which I am cuddled up right now.

I also spotted this Patricia fabric which is beautiful in person. It would make gorgeous curtains or a wall hanging. The colors are so perfect for fall! It almost (almost) makes me wish I had chosen more somber tones for my own color scheme...but not quite.

I returned the evil filing cabinet which had caused the migraine of all design migraines. I was sad to part with it - or rather, sad to part with the idea of a small and convenient office storage solution, but not with the hassle of trying to put something together whose holes do not match up and whose directions were written for denizens of another planet. I ended up exchanging it for a cheap stopgap that I will simply have to be content with until I can afford something better.

I bought two of these green boxes for files plus the Fira box for sundry office supplies. I'm going to clear out a cubby in my bookshelf for the Fira box (it just fits), and the files will go under the breakfast bar. It's not the perfect solution but it will have to do for now.



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