Like an idiot, I left my cell phone on campus yesterday. Luckily some good Samaritan found it and contacted my parents. Phew! Anyways, it reminded me that although I'm normally quite content with my lack of a land line...it can be very difficult at times.

Besides, having a land line would have given me an excuse to buy this fabulous phone:

It's the Sculptura "Donut" phone from the 1970's. Love the shape, and the color...it also comes in white and brown.
Too bad somebody got there first. They crop up on Ebay pretty often though.

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Anonymous Jessica said...

I wish I had this, I am definitely going to have one of these babies someday. However I don't have a land line phone and it would be pretty heavy to lug that bit around!

thanks so much for coming by my blog so often!

February 1, 2007 at 7:16 PM  

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