Blythe Dolls - a collection made in heaven!

Thanks so much for your lovely good wishes =) I'm feeling much better but dove right in to work again. I'm trying to get used to posting regularly again, which has been...tricky. Anyways, before I run off to work I want to leave you with something to enjoy.

Recently, I read somewhere that everyone should collect something. I totally agree with that - it gives your home personality. Some people collect antique vases, and some people...collect Blythe dolls!

Thanks to the fabulous Fred Flare boys for putting this on their blog.

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Anonymous mariko said...

Hi there! This is Mariko from fredflare.com! Thanks so much for posting about our podcast - we heart Blythe! Keep up the amazing work! xxoo Mariko

March 28, 2007 at 9:26 AM  

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