Weekly Vintage Roundup

Here in Chicago, the weather has been more than schizophrenic - idyllically sunny and nigh on 70 degrees one day, then the next day it drops 40 degrees and rains. Not that that's surprising, Chicago being famous for its less than delightful climate. Everyone seems to be talking about spring, whereas I seem to be stuck in a winter rut.

Am I the only person who loves winter clothes? I have been loving this layering trend...and there is something about sweaters, boots, and especially jackets/coats that just makes my pulse speed up. Forget tank tops and flip flops! I'm definitely a fall/winter kind of girl.

So, I don't know what the reaction is going to be - perhaps all of you are wanting to see fluttery baby doll dresses, strappy sandals and whispery tank tops, but I am finding these adorable coats and jackets all over ebay and I just have to share. Some of the lighter coats and trenches make great transition pieces - they're fantastic to wear over your lighter clothes on those blustery days where it's not quite spring yet. So forgive me my little flights of fancy - I just can't let go of my love for outerwear!

You'll have to agree that this coat, while not exactly "spring showers material" is uber fabulous. The buttons! The embroidered detailing! The mandarin collar! Oooh, I'm in love.

This trench is rather more spring-appropriate, and is also one of the cutest trenches I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. The bubble skirt...is just perfection.

I'm not sure I could pull this look off (it's a bit too cheerful for my own taste, sadly) but I find those blue and white checks incredibly fetching, and I love the cut of this cape as well.

Continuing my obsession with plaid... while the colors are very bright and the print very large, the sleek lines of this coat make it incredibly wearable. And I love those huge pockets!

OK...I'm not sure if I'm allowed to call this darling piece a coat, but it does have a hood! Let's make it an exception, shall we?


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