Summer in the City

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon here in Chicago, and the perfect weather got me thinking about summer. Perfect weather, of course, being relative -- 42 degrees seeming like an absolute heatwave compared to the last few months of below-zero temporatures. Summer's my least favorite season, actually...I guess because once it gets above 80 degrees I stop being able to function. However, when I imagine myself sitting out in the garden under this beautiful lace parasol from Chris Kabel at the Conran Shop, cold pink lemonade in hand...
It doesn't seem so bad. Right?

ETA: My mom just told me that she has been cutting pictures of this out of various magazines for over a year now, and she pointed out the decorative final. I completely missed the fact that there's a little bird on top! You can just barely see it in this picture. How cute is that?

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