Pet Portraits for the Bobo Set

Remember Linda Wary and John Meyers, the super-creative designing couple recently featured in domino?

Their co-produced interiors are definitely inspirational (as you can see from this shot of their living room, above) but I was browsing around on their website this morning and came across their Paintings section.

Guys, they do Pet Portraits! I know that seems totally wacky, like something one of the slightly crazed women featured in the NYTimes article "Woman's Best Friend, or Accessory?" would do, but...these are actually really neat. And anyone who has ever been loved unconditionally by a pet...can understand that need to commemorate their special friend.

Quirky, fun and tailor-made to your pet's personality.

I just had to include this one...in light of the article mentioned above!

Hey...is that a Murakami ball?

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