Got a light?

I've been looking for a few red items to balance out the tidal wave of greens and yellows that have taken over my living room. I love them to death, but it's always nice to spice things up - and since my curtains have a red accent, I thought I would accentuate that a bit. I never thought I would decorate with red (kind of like I never, ever thought I would decorate with orange) but it seems to have insinuated itself into my taste with incredible ease. Rather than allow myself to be intimidated by its way of dominating a room, I've come to appreciate the impact red can give to a space in small doses.

You can imagine my pleasure when I came across these Folk Art Flames at Wisteria.

I'm not sure if I could bring myself to actually use them, though. They're too pretty!

With my luck, I'd probably start a fire anyways. My Macbook power cord has been acting up lately - making weird popping sounds. Tuesday night, it was feeling pretty hot, and all of a sudden I looked at it and all of the plastic near the part where the cord attaches to my laptop had melted. Yes, melted. So today I have a shiny new cord and a very wary mindset.


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