I think I'm in love.

That is, if it is possible to be in love with a textile. From Pottery Barn.

I'm crazy about whimsical, Scandinavian-style prints, so when I saw these sheets on Apartment Therapy, I just about flipped.

It's cuuuute right?
My sheets have been driving me crazy. It's not their fault - they're beautiful old Pierre Frey sheets that I've had for about a million years. I'm very fond of them. And they've aged well. But they've got that French country, shabby chic look that, while lovely, does not really go with my decor. It's been hard for me to find cute, inexpensive sheets that aren't so cheap that I fear nightly rashes. It's amazingly difficult to find sophisticated linens for twin beds.

I thought it would be a good time to post about my sheet saga (lots of sagas around here!) since it's bedroom week for the AT Cure...while I don't have a bedroom, per se, and my sheets are stored in a bin in the closet during the day, I still would like to sleep with pretty sheets as consolation for the fact that I don't have a real bed.

For months, I've obsessed over these sheets from Dwell. Of course, I waited too long to jump on them. They even went on sale, but I was broke and didn't want to pay $69.99 - I just kept telling myself I would buy them next week...until one day I went on the website and they were gooone. Out of stock. Forever. (They still make them in queen/king/full though).

I gave up on them, until a few days ago when I magically came across them again in the strangest of places.... However, the price had jumped back up to $99...still affordable for most, but not me.

Luckily, ebay came to my rescue. I found this buttery trellis print, also from Dwell, and decided to jump on it ... for a grand total of $25.50.

The duvet set only comes with one pillow sham, so I was thinking ... with a Swedish House sham my dreams would be very sweet indeed.



Blogger LauraB said...

I looove your new duvet. I wanted something similar for a long time but ended up with a room where yellow wouldn't work so well.

My Cheap Monday search hasn't gone so well, but only because I've had no time. I'm up to my knees in midterms :( I will for sure keep you posted! Is Luminaire pretty pricey? Do they have sales ever do you know?

October 22, 2007 at 8:11 PM  

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