Embellished Bottles are a Joy Forever

My deep adoration for these embellished bottles by the ever-talented Laura Normandin coincides perfectly with my inexplicable fixation on beautiful objects without any clear purpose. Besides just sitting around and looking pretty. Sure, they're bottles, and ostensibly you can store things in them - I suppose they'd make lovely bud vases, toothpick holders, etc. - but why fill them with things which will probably just obscure the beautiful decoration on the exterior?

I don't have a practical bone in my body. But if I get one of these for Christmas, Santa, I promise I would be a very, very good girl - the soul of practicality. Yup.

Not happening.


Anonymous ambika said...

This would be a perfect gift. So pretty and a million uses. Thanks for pointing it out--I feel like I had Rose & Radish saved to my faves at one point but can't imagine why I might have deleted them.

November 18, 2007 at 3:36 PM  

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